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RIP BB KING – By Sanford Cohen

BB 500px

I am so sad to hear of the passing of the King of the Blues BB King in Las Vegas May 14th. It was a pleasure to meet him backstage at Yavapai College after his performance last year. I also had a conversation over a pool table in Las Vegas over 30 years ago when he was preparing for an appearance on the Larry King Radio Show. Thirdly, I got a chance to see him perform in his prime at Detroits Masonic Auditorium in 1975. Many considered him to be more of a “palatable” blues man unlike the more raucous contemporaries like Howlin Wolf and Muddy Waters. He clearly had more commercial success with songs like “The Thrill is Gone” and “Everyday I have the Blues”. What a talent and a fun person to be around. RIP Blues Boy (that’s what BB stands for, his real name is Riley King)

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